KECO Pull Tower Accessory Kit

SKU: 410-8453

Style: Pull Tower Accessories

This kit addition to your pull tower increases flexibility and efficiency with components designed and manufactured by KECO Body Repair Products. Testing and research results in an understanding of pull tower use and challenges. The result is a set of components to get the most out of your pull tower's capability, while creating efficiency in damage repair.

  • Finite Tension Adjustment - once fast adjustments are made with the wratchet, the finite adjustment knobs allow incremental adjustments for finer GPR corrections in combination with knockdown work, only found with KECO
  • Crown Holder - adjustable crown holder rod and foot allows for flexible setup to apply pressure to crown areas, support the tower against rigid features on the vehicle, or use on the ground to help stabilize for added pulling strength
  • Upper & Lower Saddles - additional versatility added with dual saddles, allowing use above or below damage
  • NOTE - Saddles designed for 2" by 4" pull tower posts