Angel Rod Ratchet Handle - 30"


The Angel Rods design has been flying around in my head for quite some time... And now they are finally a reality.  Very similar to the Reaper Rods with a softer touch. 

A blade style tip for a more forgiving push and a razor sharp swooped heel for clean and precise pushing, side loading and more.

    The Blade Tip and Shave are very similar to the original Dent Angel, but the Polished Stainless Steel and long slow bent curve are similar to the geometry of the Reaper Rods!  This bend features a razor sharp shave that allow for supreme versatility with soft pushing, side loading, and more techniques.

    Ratchet Handles can be removed to reveal the standard 26 position hub that is compatible with the Tactical Guerrilla Grip Handles AND Obviously the same is true with the Stainless Tequila Hubs.