Camauto I-Bar Mini Kit

SKU: 334-TAB3005

CAMAUTO I-BAR MINI KIT is your best solution for rocker panel body lines, dog leg, and all corners and edges pull.

I-BAR MINI KIT 11 PCS comes with two medium and two large heavy duty long I-bar plastic tabs, 2 medium and 2 large BLUE FLEX TABS, and 3 aluminum hooks. 
I-BAR TABS can be used without the blue bendable flexible tabs for vertical and horizontal extremely strong straight pulls, especially for gap adjustments. 
I-BAR TABS can be used with the blue bendable flexible tabs installed, for maximum glue adherence between gaps, like between the quarter panel and the rear door for example.
Durable and Reusable Tabs. Produced with heavy duty material, CAMAUTO I-BAR TABS can always be reused as long as you clean them after every single use.