PDR Training Level One Foundation


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Course Description

Our 4 week long level one course also includes a six-month tool discount code, a three months’ online/phone support and a future one-day assessment day to be taken within the first year.

Course Itinerary

  • Reflection and Lighting
  • Damage Assessment
  • Access
  • Tool Selection and Use
  • Tool Tip Location
  • Push Techniques
  • Knocking Down
  • Small Dent Removal
  • Crease Dent Removal
  • Bodyline Repair
  • Poor Access Techniques
  • Introduction to Side Panels
  • Side Panel Access Procedure
  • Multi Tipped Tools and Use
  • Technician Tool Essentials and Use
  • Lighting and Reflection Options
  • Basic Trim Removal and Installation Procedure
  • Introduction to Complex Dent Removal using multiple tools
  • Using long bars and working at distance
  • Introduction to Glue Repairs
  • Heat application
  • Glue and tool combination repairs
  • Introduction to complex trim removal and installation
  • Recognition of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in the workplace
  • Rust and Corrosion protection
  • Final tests