Reflect-O-Mat™ Mk II

SKU: 374-D01WRMMK2

The Reflect-O-Mat™ is now even better, designed by dent repairers, manufactured by world leaders in knee care.

Using your normal light board as you normally would to effect your repair, you can comfortably kneel on the mat and periodically just look down, without having to reposition your light, use the mat to cross check throughout the repair, making it easy to spot errors and imperfections before they become a problem and thus speeding up your repair time while improving finish quality.

Protect your knees while making PDR easier. Made from closed cell, heavy duty, waterproof material, printed with half and half: robust, crisp white lines at one side and a wide stripe of bright coloured fog on the other, it works for all techs. Cross checking has never been easier nor quicker and all whilst looking after your knees.