Thumper Hybrid

SKU: 342-ET-108


  • Cap system to satisfy every need
  • The new design makes the caps stay on better
  • Hybrid means it can be used for both Pushing Dents and Knocking Down / Blending


The Thumper Hybrid tip is similar to the Crown Killer System and allows you to have different caps depending on the job you need to finish. Although this tool is designed for pushing dents, it works great for knocking down crowns and pressure-releasing dents as well.

The Thumper Tip is an absolute must have PDR Tip!

Think of it as a stretched out Crown Killer Tip with a narrower stem. Basically techs were pushing dents with our Crown Killer Knockdown Tip even though it was designed exclusively for knocking down so we set out to design a tip and cap system just for pushing.

This new design allows the tip and cap to still fit in a half inch hole while giving it more padding on the tip and sidewalls.


  • (1) Thumper Hybrid Knockdown Tip